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If you are no longer working due to COVID-19, you might be entitled to workers compensation benefits.

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Nobody wants to get hurt or become disabled. And everybody wants to be treated fairly, especially when it comes to his or her family, health and income.

If you or a loved one was injured at work, we are here to make sure you are treated fairly. The Minnesota workers’ compensation attorneys at Noack Law Office will make sure you get the maximum benefits allowable by law. That includes wage replacement benefits and proper medical care from a doctor of your choice.

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Our attorneys have decades of experience in the specific areas of workers’ comp, personal injury and Social Security Disability — we are not a general practice law firm. We know the law, we know the medical concerns faced by injured people, and we understand the financial and emotional strain their families experience.

We are dedicated to serving injured workers and their loved ones throughout the state. We are accessible: You can reach our firm 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will get the answers you need, when you need them.

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Who pays when workplace violence injures a worker?

Sometimes, when employees get hurt, the situation is obviously the fault of their employer. Failure to comply with safety regulations or to train workers results in all kinds of injuries, from preventable slip-and-falls to struck-by incidents involving dangerous...

What happens to workers who are so injured they must change jobs?

Job-related medical issues range from blisters and minor contusions to brain injuries and mental health challenges like post-traumatic stress disorder. Workers in Minnesota can file a claim for workers' compensation benefits after an injury on the job or when their...

¿Cuánto duran los beneficios de la indemnización al trabajador?

Un accidente laboral podría dejarle a usted con discapacidades devastadoras físicas y mentales. La indemnización al trabajador sirve para sostener a un trabajador lesionado financieramente mientras se recupera de sus lesiones y hasta que pueda volver al trabajo. Pero...

Tips for working in extreme heat

As the summer gets closer, it will be necessary for some workers to spend significant time in extreme heat. Agricultural workers and construction workers, for example, often need to manage extreme conditions as a function of their job duties. The same can be said of...

¿Además de la indemnización al trabajador, puedo demandar a mi empleador?

La indemnización al trabajador provee beneficios esenciales a los trabajadores lesionados. Cuando alguien sufre una lesión laboral como resultado de su trabajo, y no puede cumplir con sus deberes laborales por un tiempo mientras se recupera, puede recibir una porción...

¿Cuáles beneficios vienen con la indemnización al trabajador?

Las lesiones laborales ocurren a una variedad tremenda de severidad. A veces un trabajador tiene que perder una semana de trabajo mientras se recupera de una herida dolorosa en la espalda. Otras veces, un trabajador puede quedarse con una discapacidad permanente que...

What is the leading job injury risk for nurses in hospitals?

Some people refer to working as a nurse as a calling, not a job. It takes a lot of dedication to commit oneself to the support and care of those going through some kind of medical hardship. Nurses provide hands-on care to those unable to support themselves and bridge...

Mi empleador me quiere obligar a usar mis vacaciones para recuperarme. ¿Puede hacerlo?

Los días de vacaciones son un beneficio que los empleados ganan y que pueden usar cuando quieran. De vez en cuando, se escucha de un empleador que obliga a sus empleados a usar sus días de vacaciones para sanarse de una lesión laboral en vez de darles días libres bajo...

4 workplace dangers in a warehouse

Without warehouses and warehouse workers, most of America wouldn’t have their shipments and much of the economy could come to a halt. In fact, there are likely two million people currently employed in a line of work that has them working in warehouses. Yet, despite...

¿Realmente necesito a un abogado para la indemnización al trabajador?

Las personas prudentes como usted quieren ahorrarse el dinero cuando pueden, y no gastan en algo hasta que sepan que realmente vale el precio. Si usted tiene esta mentalidad, podría no ser evidente por qué es una buena idea contratar a un abogado para solicitar los...

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