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The workers’ compensation attorneys at Noack Law Office​ helps workers and their families deal with all the problems an injury or disabling condition can bring. Our workers’ compensation attorneys will get you the benefits you deserve.

Photo Of Vincent A. Petersen And Donald F. Noack, Jr.
Photo Of Vincent A. Petersen And Donald F. Noack, Jr.

If you are no longer working due to COVID-19, you might be entitled to workers compensation benefits.

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Nobody wants to get hurt or become disabled. And everybody wants to be treated fairly, especially when it comes to his or her family, health and income.

If you or a loved one was injured at work, our workers’ compensation attorneys are here to make sure you are treated fairly. The Minnesota workers’ compensation attorneys at Noack Law Office will make sure you get the maximum benefits allowable by law. That includes wage replacement benefits and proper medical care from a doctor of your choice.

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Our Minnesota workers’ compensation attorneys have decades of experience in the specific areas of workers’ comp, personal injury and Social Security Disability — we are not a general practice law firm. We know the law, we know the medical concerns faced by injured people, and we understand the financial and emotional strain their families experience.

At our law offices in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Excelsior, Minnesota, our team of experienced workers’ compensation attorneys are dedicated to serving injured workers and their loved ones throughout the state of Minnesota. We are accessible: You can reach our workers’ compensation law firm 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will get the answers you need, when you need them.

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What if an injured worker can’t return to their job?

Most injured workers in Minnesota can request workers' compensation benefits. The coverage carried by their employer can help pay for their medical costs. Workers can also qualify for disability benefits if they require time away from work to undergo treatment or heal...

3 ways that power tools can lead to a work injury

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What happens when a worker accidentally hurts themselves?

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Workplace falls are a safety risk in almost all industries

There are certain professions that people commonly associate with fall risk. Window washers, professional painters, construction workers and tree trimmers all do their jobs at a significant elevation. Anyone who regularly uses ladders or scaffolding on the job is...

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