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April 2014 Archives

Mental injury difficult to prove for workers' compensation claim

While workers' compensation insurance carriers and employers require sufficient evidence to pay benefits to an injured worker, some evidence is not so easy to provide.  When an employee breaks an arm or leg from a fall or suffers another physical injury, the ailment is relatively apparent.  But mental conditions attributed to employment are more difficult to prove.  There is no objective test like an X-ray that can prove in Minnesota courts or other states that a worker has suffered a mental injury.

New device is promising for spinal cord injury treatment

A Minnesota teenager who became paralyzed a few years ago during a high school hockey game is excited about a new study that was recently published, regarding an electrical device that has helped three paralyzed men make voluntary movements of their legs and lower extremities.  

Workers' compensation case features two unusual components

A recent workers' compensation case involved two situations that are rarely a part of those lawsuits. First, the case went all the way to state's highest court, whereas as many workers' compensation cases are resolved at the administrative hearing level. Second, the argument against paying benefits to the worker included an assertion that the accident was actually a suicide attempt to avoid being charged in a homicide case.

The leading cause of disability may surprise you

While many people may assume that labor-intensive jobs result in the most workplace injuries, a recent study published in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases actually showed that the number one cause of workplace disability around the world is lower back pain.