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June 2014 Archives

Avoiding workplace injuries through ergonomics

Employers and workers in Minnesota might find a recent article discussing ways to avoid injury interesting. Employers lose billions of dollars annually on employees taking time off due to workplace injuries, but there are certain workplace injuries that are the most prevalent. These include bursitis, tendonitis, carpal-tunnel syndrome, headaches, neck pain and lower-back pain.

Sleep deprivation increases risk of injuries for workers

Minnesota employers who have employees who are at risk for serious injuries as a result of the jobs they work should be aware about what is being called the "mid-afternoon dip", a speaker at a conference in Orlando stated on June 11. According to the report, it is during this time that employees are most likely to suffer serious injuries as a result of sleep deprivation.

Minnesota man dies in accident involving hay equipment

According to the Dodge County Sheriff's Office, a man died in a hay equipment accident near the Dodge Center Municipal Airport on June 6. The fatal incident was reported at approximately 2 p.m., when a passerby observed the man lying motionless beneath the equipment.

Minnesota housekeeper injuries surpass coal miners and others

Research on the hotel industry in Minnesota and across the nation has revealed that housekeeping is a more dangerous job than any other is in that field. According to a survey of 1,000 Las Vegas hotel workers, 95 percent suffered work-related injuries in the four weeks prior to their consultation. In fact, a 2005 survey found that 60 percent of housekeepers suffer from back pain in comparison to 30 percent of the general population.