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August 2014 Archives

Minnesota hospital cited for unsafe environment

A Minnesota hospital has received an official warning to increase its efforts at assuring safe conditions for everyone at the facility thanks to a recent investigation by the Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Administration . The citation issued by Minnesota OSHA states that workplace safety at the hospital is lacking, as evidenced by multiple accidents involving both patients and employees over the years.

Psychiatric hospital fined for lack of worker protections

A recent citation from OSHA targeted the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter for a $4,900 fine. The agency determined that the state psychiatric hospital's employees were working in an environment that lacked sufficient violence prevention measures to keep the employees safe as they worked with dangerous patients.

Crane falls and injures operator on Minnesota wind farm

A crane worth several million dollars reportedly tipped over on the morning of Aug. 8th and injured the 35-year-old worker operating it. Reports indicated that the man was not trapped in the crane when the accident occurred.

Better protective apparel helps prevent injury

As Minnesota workers may know, wearing personal protective equipment is necessary when working on hazardous jobs. A study by Kimberly-Clark Professional showed that the non-compliance rate was around 80 percent in 2012. Despite the fact that workers are trained in the need for PPE, some workers still opt not to wear them.