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September 2014 Archives

Benefits paid for workplace injuries

Minnesota workers may know that workers' compensation is an insurance employers provide to cover workplace injuries. This insurance does not cover injuries that are self-inflicted or ones that happen due to alcohol or drug use. Most states require that employers provide this coverage, and workers' compensation laws are state specific. A worker is precluded from suing an employer in most cases if he or she accepts workers' compensation benefits.

Workers' compensation liability, receiving payment

Under workers' compensation law in Minnesota, all employers are liable for compensation when their employees suffer personal injuries or death while working on the job, unless the injury was the result of intoxication or self-infliction. The compensation amount can be rounded to the nearest dollar, and employers who elect to do that shall round the amounts for all compensation payments. If a company disputes a claim for workers' compensation, it must prove its case.

Employee information for workers' compensation in Minnesota

While an on-the-job injury isn't a pleasant prospect, it is important that Minnesota workers understand important steps involved in reporting an incident and obtaining workers' compensation benefits. It is important to report an incident promptly to ensure that it is properly documented with company officials. It is also important to seek medical attention to limit the impact of the injury. Copies of all relevant bills and documents should be kept, and notes should be taken to document phone conversations, mileage, and other fees incurred in connection with the injury.

Worker's compensation -- Are you covered?

Workers' compensation insurance covers most Minnesota workers. However, some workers may not be covered by workers' compensation in certain states, including independent contractors, domestic workers and farm workers. For those employees who are covered, this insurance policy can provide the necessary medical care and replace lost income after a serious work-related illness or injury.