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February 2015 Archives

Construction fall safety program helps reduce workplace injuries

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration states that 3,500 workers have died over the past decade from falls related to construction sites. Many of these accidents could have been prevented through more thorough training and intensive information programs about fall risks. A number of agencies have joined forces for a Construction Fall Safety Stand-Down to educate both employers and workers about the prevalence of these injuries and how to implement effective fall prevention strategies.

Proper eye protection helps Minnesota workers stay safe

Many employers overlook the importance of having a variety of eye protection available to employees. While ostensibly eye protection works the same for everyone, differences in gender and overall size and variation can affect the fit, performance and function of safety eyewear. Most safety managers are not trained in fitting personal protective equipment, or PPE, to workers' individual needs, leaving their employees vulnerable to injury while adhering to the letter of federal safety regulations.

Vibration and workers' compensation

Minnesota workplaces may contain vibration hazards. Although vibration is not necessarily immediately harmful to those who work around it or with it, over time it can cause serious injuries. However, due to the gradual nature of harm from vibration, it may not always be clear that an injury resulted directly from a particular source. This means that it may sometimes be more challenging to collect on a workers' compensation claim for a vibration-related injury.

Workers' compensation for Minnesota residents working from home

As technology improves and organizations look to cut the costs of doing business, many employers are now allowing their employees to work from home. While this can make life easier for both the employer and employee, the issue remains of dealing with injury related to someone's job. In 2000, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued a directive that stated that they would not inspect employees' homes, and employers are not held responsible for safety violations in a worker's home.