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April 2015 Archives

Problems associated with on-the-job manganese exposure

Welders in Minnesota may be interested in information regarding the neurological effects of manganese exposure gathered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This element, which is an essential nutrient, is often present in welding fumes, but it can occur in a variety of other work settings. Certain occupations, such as mining and ore-crushing often expose workers to high airborne concentrations of manganese. In addition, the manufacturing of certain products, such as dry-cell batteries, inks, incendiary devices and pesticides, might also present an exposure risk to employees.

Trench collapse kills 2 workers

Employees of construction companies and other businesses in Minnesota that utilize excavation in their enterprise may have noted a case that happened in New Jersey with some interest. A trench that was had apparently been inappropriately constructed and maintained collapsed, killing two workers that had been digging inside it. OSHA released a statement blaming the management of the company for placing their workers in danger by failing to follow a wide variety of safety procedures.

Workplace safety and employer responsibility

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is the federal agency tasked with regulating Minnesota's workplace safety practices. To that end, the agency has promulgated a number of regulations and rules requiring employers to engage in certain activities in order to ensure workers have reasonably safe working environments. Employers also have additional requirements under the state's workers' compensation laws.