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August 2015 Archives

Contaminated eyewash stations may threaten safety

In Minnesota, there is a possibility that some emergency eyewash stations may be improperly maintained. This could put workers in danger of contracting an infection in their eyes and skin from the tainted water. Eyewash stations are used when a person has come into contact with a dangerous chemical or material. The station's purpose is to wash away the hazardous substance with which the worker came into contact. Eyewash stations that are not properly maintained pose a significant threat to workers' health.

Many railroads could miss anti-crash technology deadline

According to a government report, many railroads are behind schedule to install new safety technology that could prevent railroad crashes in Minnesota and nationwide. All U.S. railroads are required to be using the technology, known as positive train control, by Dec. 31, 2015.

Protecting solo workers in Minnesota

Various types of jobs can involve occasional or frequent instances of individuals having to work alone. These situations can range from property management to construction, and the potential for an injury on the job is a serious consideration for the employees. It is difficult to monitor the welfare of an isolated worker, especially if that person is traveling from site to site or is located at a remote site. Injuries could include slip-and-fall situations, medical episodes, or even active shooter scenarios. Employers are expected by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to monitor the well-being of isolated workers.

Workers' compensation might extend to problems with opioids

Minnesota workers who are injured on the job and subsequently receive treatment will often be given prescription medications. A problem that is growing in scope across the nation has to do with prescription drug misuse and overdose. In some cases, an employee who subsequently abuses these medications might be able to seek workers' compensation benefits for an addiction.