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The leading cause of disability may surprise you

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While many people may assume that labor-intensive jobs result in the most workplace injuries, a recent study published in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases actually showed that the number one cause of workplace disability around the world is lower back pain.

Minnesota residents who work in offices sitting for most of the day can probably relate. Lower back pain commonly occurs when people remain sedentary for a long period of time—typically longer than three hours or more at a time. 

Lower back pain can start as a dull ache, but these discomforts can gradually escalate into serious back injuries for workers that sit for prolonged periods of time. Some cures for mild discomfort might include pain killers, stretching, and applying soothing hot or cold compresses to the afflicted area.

If warning signs are not strictly monitored, then minor problems can quickly become major problems, even resulting in permanent disabilities or the need for expensive surgeries. Catching these problems early may make it possible to avoid furtherworkplace injuriesto the lower back and other affected parts of the body.

Yoga and Pilates, strongly comprised of core-building exercises and advanced stretching, may be some great options for working out lower back tensions. If you don’t prefer these activities, then going for a walk or run in the mornings or evenings after work can also make a huge difference in your health. These precautions may prevent medical expenses down the road due to back or neck injuries.

If however, despite these preventative measures, you find yourself the victim of a workplace injury, speaking with a workplace injury attorney may answer some of your questions about the best course of action.

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