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Minneapolis Workers' Compensation Blog

Nurses face injury in rural Minnesota

Injuries among nurses are common. Back injuries from lifting patients, needle sticks, violence from confused patients, slips and falls – these all plague nurses.

The problem in rural areas comes from the lack of nurses. Because there are fewer nurses in rural Minnesota, their health and ability to stay on the job becomes an important factor in the community.

Computer Vision Syndrome Is Real, and It's Affecting Workers

Working in an office environment seems like one of the less dangerous professions in terms of physical problems, but it has its share of issues. One condition that office workers need to look out for is Computer Vision Syndrome, often called Digital Eye Strain.

This is a condition that can affect your well-being and work productivity, and if it's not treated and mitigated, it could lead to a longer-term injury that may take significant time to heal. 

Understanding burn injuries

The American Burn Association estimates that about 486,000 Americans receive treatment for burns each year. About 40,000 people are hospitalized for burn injuries. Most people think about touching something hot or interacting with fire when it comes to burns, but there are actually many other ways a person can be burned. Here are the four most common types of burns experienced in the workplace.

Work injury claim odds and ends

It is difficult to understand just how complex a work injury or illness can be until you yourself or a closed loved one is affected by one directly. At first glance, a work injury or illness would seem to affect the body alone. But depending on the unique circumstances surrounding the injury or illness, a worker may be compelled to grapple with a myriad of challenges related to virtually every aspect of life.

Work injuries and illnesses can affect the mind, the spirit, personal relationships, work relationships, leave balances, salary, work responsibilities, medication challenges and legal cases. These are just a few examples of the ways in which work injuries and illnesses can affect the lives of those who struggle with them.

Businesses to set their own worker injury rules?

Over the past several years, numerous individuals and organizations have lobbied state governments to pass measures that are potentially lucrative for businesses but potentially dangerous for workers. These lobbyists insist that it would be best for all involved if businesses were allowed to set the terms for how injuries are covered by compensation protections.

Thankfully, not all courts agree with this idea. In fact, the Oklahoma Supreme Court recently rejected the state law embracing this approach as unconstitutional, according to NPR. And Oklahoma isn't the only state rejecting these efforts. A number of states are striking down attempts to leave workers with inconsistent and potentially inadequate injury protections.

What are the most common injuries for Minnesotans at work?

You're at work and take a sudden fall, turning your ankle. It doesn't seem serious at first, but later that night, you notice it beginning to swell. You wonder if you should see a doctor. You also wonder how this might affect your ability to work, and realize you know nothing about workers' compensation claims.

Workers' Compensation: What Every Worker and Their Family Should Know

The American labor force is made up of strong, dedicated and determined workers who strive to succeed in order to build a better life for them and their families. Part of this proud labor force is the men and women of Minnesota, employed in a wide variety of industries, including meat packing, construction, manufacturing, health care, office workers, city and state employees, as well as many others. Workers' compensation laws have been enacted on both the federal and state level to protect these employees, but many workers have questions about these laws and how they apply to them. 

Your workers' comp benefits were denied. Now what?

A denied workers' comp claim is a harsh setback, but far from the end of the road. You have the right to appeal a denied claim and an experienced attorney can help you through the process. The insurance company may claim your "case is closed," but they do not have the last word.

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