We Will Do The Worrying — And The Fighting — For You

If you are no longer working due to COVID-19, you might be entitled to workers compensation benefits.

Workplace Safety

Fatigue reduces workplace safety

Fatigue is a major detriment to workplace safety in businesses all over Minnesota. Fatigued workers increase the risks of personal safety and public safety when they struggle to perform their duties. The commercial effects of fatigue Nearly 13% of workplace injuries...

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Welding hazards in Minnesota

Welding is a process that joins two pieces of metal together using heat. There are two types of welding: gas and electric, and they both possess certain hazards, which can cause serious injuries if you're not careful. Heat Burns can occur when the welder's skin comes...

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Workplace mold can be dangerous

Minneapolis workers and their employers may have a good general understanding of safety. They may know to prevent things like slip and trip hazards. However, the same parties need to be aware of dangers that can be hidden. Mold can develop in workplaces whenever...

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