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Sleep deprivation increases risk of injuries for workers

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2014 | Uncategorized |

Minnesota employers who have employees who are at risk for serious injuries as a result of the jobs they work should be aware about what is being called the “mid-afternoon dip”, a speaker at a conference in Orlando stated on June 11. According to the report, it is during this time that employees are most likely to suffer serious injuries as a result of sleep deprivation.

The speaker, a man who is a loss control specialist and safety adviser for a Minnesota company, stated that a span of time that immediately follows lunch is the most dangerous time of day for those who are scheduled to return to work. He recommended that employees are given less dangerous tasks or switch up the tasks if they are repetitious. This should reduce injuries that are caused by either fatigue or complacency.

Research from the National Sleep Foundation backs the idea of the “mid-afternoon dip.” Workers who suffer from fatigue are shown to be 75 percent more likely to become involved in an accident that causes injuries. In addition, workers are twice as likely to be killed if they are fatigued. Even further, those who do suffer injuries take longer to return to work following the injury if they were fatigued. Ultimately, it was estimated that fatigue costs businesses approximately $150 billion every year.

Workplace accidents can cause employees to suffer major injuries that impact their ability to work and earn a living. An attorney for workers who are injured while they are on the job may be able to assist them in filing for workers’ compensation. While many insurance companies often attempt to provide the least amount in benefits as possible, the attorney may be able to help their client maximize the compensation for lost wages as well as coverage for medical expenses.

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