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Repetitive stress injury workers’ compensation claims

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There are a variety of workplace injuries covered by Minnesota’s workers’ compensation law. Specific injuries are what most people imagine when they hear about a worker getting hurt. These are injuries suffered at a specific time in accidents such as falling off a ladder or being struck by a falling object. Gillette-type injuries develop over a period of time. Examples of these injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome or becoming ill due to prolonged exposure to a substance. Gillette-type injuries are named after a case heard by the Minnesota Supreme Court, which determined that repetitive stress injuries qualified for workers’ compensation benefits.

You may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits after suffering a repetitive stress injury even if you have only been on the job for a short time. Bodies respond to stress in different ways, and one worker could develop a Gillette-type injury in a matter of days or weeks even though their coworkers have performed the same tasks for years with no ill effects.

If you have suffered a Gillette-type injury, you may be eligible for benefits to compensate you for your medical treatment and lost income. However, the application process can be confusing and even minor paperwork mistakes can lead to your claim being held up or denied.

Our attorneys have significant experience in this area, and we can explain how the workers’ compensation program works and help to ensure that you submit a complete application for all of the benefits that are available. We can also advocate on your behalf if your employer contests your claim by arguing that you were not injured on the job or alleging that you are exaggerating the severity of your injuries. If you would like more information about filing a workers’ compensation claim due to a repetitive stress injury, please visit our page dealing with Gillette-type injuries.

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