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Dangers to workers in Minnesota from insects and animals

On Behalf of | May 29, 2015 | Uncategorized |

Most people think of workplace injuries as those that occur as the result of physical damage due to tools or something falling, or those that are incurred through repetitive motions, such as in the case of carpal tunnel syndrome. However, there are also a number of injuries that can be sustained as a result of working outside and that come from insects, wild animals or other pests.

Individuals who work outdoors are most commonly harmed by bugs and snakes, with bites and stings from bees, ticks and snakes being a frequent cause of injury. However, it is not unheard of for people to be hurt by interactions with bears, rats, raccoons or bats. Those who spend much of their working day outdoors are almost expected to suffer bites from pests during the course of their employment, and workers’ compensation coverage for Lyme’s Disease, anaphylactic shock and reactions to venom for these workers is often available.

Employers may have a large degree of control over determining how likely someone is to be injured by animals or insects during the course of their work. With appropriate protections for employees and prevention of infestations, organizations may be able greatly reduce to chances that someone will be injured due to their occupation.

Whether someone is harmed as a result of a workplace accident or develops a condition due to repeated actions, they may be eligible for workers’ compensation. This type of insurance program provides employees who have medical conditions or injuries related to their work with benefits to cover medical costs and a percentage of lost wages. Many workers choose to obtain the assistance of counsel in the preparation and filing of the claim for benefits.