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The dangers working under constant high noise levels

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2015 | Workplace Injuries |

Many Minnesota residents who work in the field of construction are no doubt aware of the potential dangers from a constant exposure to high levels of noise. Besides possibly causing permanent hearing loss that cannot be corrected by surgery or hearing aids, noisy working conditions can also lead to on-the-job accidents and reduced productivity. Additionally, overexposure to constant loud noises increases the chances for workers to develop severe heart disease, according to the latest reports.

Hearing loss begins when there is damage to the cilia, the small hair cells that are along the inner part of the ear. When cilia are destroyed, it directly affects how people hear others speak.

Employees who are exposed to loud noises on a regular basis should be aware that they may be progressively developing a hearing loss. While some people can suffer a sudden severe loss of hearing due to an unexpected explosion, for instance, others may suffer the condition gradually because it is painless and hard to catch. Therefore, it is a good idea for employees who are exposed to constant high-volume sound to take precautions early, since there is no cure for permanent noise-induced hearing loss.

Those who work in noisy environments can tell if they are experiencing a loss of hearing if they are having trouble when conversing with others. They may be constantly asking others to repeat themselves because they seem to be mumbling or hard to understand. Some people who are experiencing a hearing loss can also develop ringing in their ears, a condition called tinnitus.

Occupational injuries such as a permanent hearing loss can affect a person’s quality of life. For this reason, workers’ compensation benefits are in place to assist eligible workers with their medical expenses and a portion of their earnings while they are recovering. An attorney can often be of assistance in preparing and filing the required claim documentation.