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Do you qualify for TTD benefits when recovering from injury?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

As a long-time construction worker, you had few injuries until you fell off a ladder and broke your arm.

The injury requires time to heal and will keep you out of work for a while. Will you qualify for temporary total disability benefits?

About TTD

Because of your work-related injury, you may qualify to receive temporary total disability or TTD benefits. The compensation rate is normally two-thirds of your gross weekly wage based on a five-day workweek. Minnesota law controls the benefits, but currently, you are looking at a maximum of 130 weeks.

Interruption of benefits

If your situation changes—for example, if your recovery takes less time than your doctor anticipated—you may see an interruption to the benefits you receive. Various events can cause the insurer to curtail your benefits.

  • You are medically released to return to work but fail to make a diligent search for a job
  • You choose to withdraw from the workforce for reasons other than your arm injury
  • You refuse an offer of gainful employment
  • 90 days have elapsed since you reached maximum medical improvement

Resuming benefits

Understanding Minnesota workers’ compensation benefits is an easier task when you have guidance from a professional source. For example, there are different payment schedules for different kinds of injuries and eligibility for TTD benefits does not always follow a simple formula. If there is an interruption to the program, benefits may start again under various conditions; notably, if a doctor confirms that you are medically unable to work and still have some of your 130 weeks of benefits remaining.