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Ergonomics can reduce your chance of repetitive motion injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2020 | Workplace Injuries |

Any job that you do day after day could put a strain on your body and potentially cause you injury. The more frequently you have to perform the same task, the more likely you are to develop a repetitive motion injury associated with that work. 

Whether you work on the factory floor or in a retail setting, the longer you perform the same tasks, the greater the risk that you could potentially end up with a permanent injury to that part of your body because of repetitive use. 

Ergonomics can help prevent worker injuries and are often critical accommodations after someone gets hurt on the job.

What are ergonomic accommodations?

When an employer invests in ergonomic accommodations, they provide equipment or devices that help reduce the strain a job causes for their staff members. For those on computers all day, ergonomic accommodations might include a glare reducer for the screen that they look at, a keyboard shaped to fit the human hand better and a pad for the wrists to reduce strain on the forearms. 

For factory workers, ergonomic accommodations could include a bench or stand that allows you to approach machinery from the appropriate height, as well as tools or devices that help reduce the lifting or twisting that you have to do on the job. 

Having ergonomics equipment in place can reduce the likelihood of an injury, but it won’t eliminate the risk. Workers dealing with an injury related to repetitive motions on the job may have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim for lost wages, as well as for any medical care that they need.