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Are you eligible for workers’ compensation benefits?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

A work-related injury is any injury sustained in the course of doing work for or on behalf of your employer in the course of your employment. Work-related injures typically occur in the workplace, but injuries that occur in a company vehicle or at a company-sponsored party may also qualify for workers’ compensation. 

Most employers have workers’ compensation insurance to benefit their employees in the instance of an injury. To qualify, you must be an official employee. Independent contractors and freelancers are generally not considered employees and are therefore not eligible for workers’ compensation. 

Injuries covered by workers’ compensation

Many types of injuries qualify for workers’ compensation. 

  • Injuries from an accident 
  • Injuries caused by a piece of equipment 
  • Injuries from the physical strain of the job 
  • Injuries from the mental strain of the job and work-related stress 
  • Pre-existing injuries exacerbated by the performance of the job 
  • Diseases caused by toxins in the workplace 

This list does not include every possible injury one could sustain on the job but is a starting point to work from. 

Workers exempt from workers’ compensation

Even if you have an injury that would otherwise qualify, there are certain classifications of workers exempt from benefitting from workers’ compensation. 

  • Domestic workers, such as nannies or housekeepers 
  • Undocumented workers 
  • Seasonal workers 
  • Agricultural workers 

Unfortunately, exempt positions simply are not eligible, regardless of injury. 

Workers’ compensation exists to help cover lost wages and medical expenses related to the injury. The rules regarding workers’ compensation vary from state to state. A local attorney can help you determine your rights in your state.