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Personal protective equipment and workplace safety

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

It is imperative that workers have access to personal protective equipment which can reduce the risk of a serious workplace injury. Ideally, employers should create policies requiring workers to use protective gear for certain types of activities. 

OSHA guidelines provide vital information about when workers must use specific types of protective gear. Employers must comply with all OSHA regulations to ensure a safe working environment for their employees. 

Employers must provide certain items

In general, employers are financially responsible for equipping workers with personal protective equipment that OSHA’s standards require. If an employer fails to provide personal protective equipment in accordance with OSHA regulations, it may face considerable liability in the event of an accident in the workplace involving a preventable injury. 

Training benefits employees

In addition to providing equipment, it is good practice for employers to train workers about using equipment. Supervisors should ensure that workers understand when it is necessary to use certain types of equipment such as gloves, masks, or hard hats. Furthermore, it is helpful for employers to educate workers about why equipment is necessary. Thorough training materials and strategic signage can help reinforce the importance of protective equipment. 

Monitoring compliance makes workplaces safer

It is advisable for employers to assign responsibility for compliance with regulations about protective equipment to key staff members in a supervisory role. When a supervisor observes that workers are not using equipment or misusing protective equipment, he or she should instruct employees to stop what they are doing and explain why failing to use protective equipment can be unsafe.