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What are the health hazards of nursing?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2021 | Work Injuries |

Working as a nurse can be very fulfilling, but it can also be dangerous. There are many occupational hazards that nurses should look out for, and should you become injured, you should also be aware of your rights to compensation.

Getting hurt on the job can take a toll, physically, emotionally and financially. Being aware of the most common types of workplace injuries for nurses may help you avoid lost time and wages.

Lifting injuries

Many nurses have to move patients of all sizes, often when transferring them from a wheelchair to a bed or when performing bathing routines. The repetitive motion as well as the heavy load can sometimes cause back pain.

Slips and falls

Hospitals and medical clinics often have to deal with spills, either from water, medications or even bodily fluids. Wet floors can cause nurses to slip and injure themselves when rushing to assist a doctor or patient.

Needle sticks

A large part of nursing involves administering medications via needles or IVs. A skin puncture when performing these duties has the potential of spreading infectious diseases, including hepatitis A/B or HIV.

Violent assault

Unfortunately, medical workers are at a high risk of violent assault. Some patients may become belligerent toward nurses, especially if they are under the influence of drugs. Since nurses spend time alone in patients’ rooms, they may find that they are unable to protect themselves from attacks.

Many nurses find their work to be rewarding, but there are some health hazards involved in the job. Looking out for these situations may keep you from getting hurt while working.