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Are meatpacking plants dangerous work environments?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2021 | Workplace Safety |

Many different workers play a role in getting food to people’s tables. The meatpacking industry factors heavily into keeping Minnesota restaurants and supermarkets in business. Meatpacking employees don’t always receive acknowledgment for their work even though they face great risks. Meatpacking plants represent dangerous work environments where workers might find themselves facing serious injuries.

Meatpacking’s ever-present dangers

Workers in meatpacking plants find themselves standing in crowded, enclosed spaces. Such conditions make illnesses easy to spread even with personal protective equipment.

Other dangers exist at meatpacking plants. The proximity to conveyor belts sometimes causes accidents. Cutting and other tools could cause significant harm, so ne slight mishap may be all it takes to send a worker to the hospital.

Slip-and-fall accidents could happen at any workplace, but a meatpacking plant might come with even greater risks. Slippery floors or objects placed in people’s way may lead to a terrible fall.

Fellow workers could drop something, causing an injury. Even those workers who take steps to avoid or prevent workplace accidents might find the task harder than assumed. Management should provide the necessary workplace safety training and equipment to cut down on injuries. Unfortunately, management may prove negligent in such duties.

Seeking workers’ comp after an injury at a meatpacking plant

Workers’ compensation might provide some financial support to meatpacking professionals unable to work due to injuries or illnesses. In some situations, the claimant may have a valid third-party liability claim. For example, injuries caused by a contractor might open doors to a lawsuit.

An attorney may work on behalf of an injured meatpacking employee. The attorney may assist with an appeal if filing a workers’ comp claim proves harder than expected.