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Safety tips for preventing eye injuries on the job

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | Workplace Safety |

Many workplace injuries will heal. Some may leave a scar. However, the one that concerns many Minnesota laborers is eye injuries. They may lead to blindness or eye loss. There are some tips for preventing job-related eye injuries.

Wear protective eyewear

If there is a chance that you will encounter spattered chemicals or flying metal shards, you need to wear eye protection. Examples include safety glasses that have intact side shields, goggles for liquids, and specialty face shields if you are in danger of light-related damage. Your employer must support this aspect of injury prevention by supplying workers with protective equipment that meets OSHA regulations.

Work at a reasonable speed

It may be tempting to push the envelope a little and work faster than you should. However, rushing can lead to slip and fall injuries and other workplace safety hazards. Besides that, it may also lead to cutting corners with wearing eye protection. Do not do it. The goggles, glasses or face shield your employer is giving you can prevent about 90% of injuries to the eyes.

Speak up if you need equipment

Ideally, your employer knows that you need safety gear. However, theft, damage or just forgetting to order more could result in your not having the eye protection you need. If you do have it, there may be missing side shields, scratches that severely limit your field of vision or leaks around the goggles. Speak up and let your employer know if they are giving you equipment that violates OSHA standards.

If you do get hurt, or your employer fails to respond, consider talking to an attorney to see what you can do to recover compensation for your injuries.