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Have you have suffered a work-related or accidental injury?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2021 | Work Injuries |

An injury suffered on the job or in an accident can change your life in an instant. You may have fears about recovering from your injuries, managing medical expenses and your ability to return to work.

Your greatest concern may be your family’s well-being. Personal injury can threaten your family’s stability. However, nationally in the U.S. and in each state, laws protect individuals who endure work-related or accidental injuries.

Personal injury

Personal injury resulting from negligence, malpractice or accidents may include events such as:

  • Spinal and brain trauma
  • Arm, leg, shoulder and hip impairment
  • Car, truck and pedestrian accidents

Two options offer assistance for accident victims: workers’ compensation and Social Security.

Workers’ compensation laws in Minnesota

Workers’ compensation provides benefits to employees experiencing a work-related injury as a result of their employment activities. Workers’ compensation gives three basic types of benefits:

  • Wage loss
  • Medical
  • Vocational rehabilitation

Social Security benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, and Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, are federal programs that financially assist people with disabilities. The SSDI program pays benefits to you if you paid Social Security taxes on your earnings. The SSI program grants benefits to disabled individuals with limited income and resources.

You have worked hard to create a comfortable life for your family. You can protect your investments if you have suffered an injury on the job or as a result of an accident. Understanding your rights under the law may enable you to safeguard your family’s security and peace of mind.