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Did you know that a stressful factory job can trigger heart disease?

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2024 | Workplace Safety |

If you’re a factory worker, your job is most likely physically demanding. Did you know that the constant stress that accompanies your job duties can significantly increase your risk of heart issues? Long-term stress from work can alter your heart rate and trigger an otherwise avoidable heart illness.

For the most part, people get heart illnesses because of their lifestyle or due to genetics. However, the stress hormones your body releases in a stressful work environment can also put you at risk of heart disease by increasing your heart rate in an unhealthy way.

Why does your heart rate increase?

When your body realizes that you’re always stressed at work, it assumes that you’re facing some kind of danger. It responds by producing hormones to help you prepare to fight the danger or escape from it. These hormones continue to be released into your blood when you’re exposed to a stressful work environment over a long period.

When these hormones are produced, your heart rate is automatically increased. This increases your blood pressure. You can also get a higher-than-normal blood sugar level. If you were actually in danger, your high blood pressure would allow you to act fast. The high blood sugar level will provide the energy you need to run or fight.

Unfortunately, the stress you’re experiencing is because of your work, and as long as you continue working, your body will have this response. Over time, your heart may get overwhelmed by the high blood sugar level and high blood pressure. This is why you might end up with a heart condition due to stress at your factory job.

Why is factory work so stressful?

If you’ve been a factory worker for some time now, you might be dealing with unique sources of stress every day like:

  • High demands
  • Strict deadlines
  • Repetitive tasks
  • Long hours
  • Physical labor
  • Noisy environment

Even though this might seem normal because you experience it every day, your body can suffer under these conditions. All these sources of stress can easily trick your body into thinking that you’re facing some kind of danger. You might notice that your heart rate is always higher when you’re at work than when you’re not.

If you develop a heart condition, your stressful working environment might be the reason for this turn of events. You can speak with a trusted legal team to find out if you qualify for workers’ compensation. Financial compensation can help to ensure that you can afford the treatment you need for your heart condition.