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Building collapse injures 3 Minnesota workers

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2015 | Workplace Accidents |

Three Minnesota construction workers were injured in an incident at Timberwood Church. The church reportedly hired Nor-Son Inc. to complete an addition of 21,000 square feet, a project intended to grant more office and storage space for the congregation.

According to witnesses on the scene and the accident report, trusses placed throughout the addition collapsed and left three workers trapped inside. Rescue workers commented that the fallen beams made it difficult to extract the workers. A local Minnesota fire department arrived on the scene for additional help. Crane operators from a local nursery also lent help.

Officials investigating the accident are still unsure as to why the trusses collapsed. Representatives from OSHA plan to investigate the accident further. All three of the men received medical attention at a nearby hospital. They suffered only minor injuries, according to reports.

Though the three construction workers injured suffered only small injuries, this is not always the case in work-related accidents. While construction site accidents may yield severe injuries or even death, other job sites carry their own hazards. A worker may fall victim to malfunctioning equipment in a factory or contract carpal tunnel after repetitive actions in an office. Filing a workers’ compensation is one way for employees to obtain benefits after receiving an injury at work. Minnesota workers’ comp laws require that employers carry a certain amount of insurance that covers accidents in the workplace and assist employees for both major and minor injuries.

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