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FAQ About Workers’ Compensation In Minnesota

Although many workers are familiar with workers’ compensation benefits, most of them also have questions about what to expect throughout the process. An injury can be a specific injury or an injury that is due to repetitive work (called Gillette-type injuries) that occurs gradually over a period of time until the injured worker needs to seek medical treatment or loses time from work. Minnesota workers’ compensation laws cover Gillette-type injuries, such as repetitive stress injuries.

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Receiving Compensation For Gillette-Type Injuries And Repetitive Stress Injuries

In Minnesota, disabling injuries that come from minute repetitive work are known as Gillette injuries. When people perform the same activity hour after hour and day after day, their bones and joints begin to wear down. Eventually, the body may begin to wear down. For some people, the pain may begin gradually. For others, it can be sudden, and the pain may not even start on a day the individual is working. Regardless, if you’ve spent time doing repetitive work and your body is breaking down, there is probably a correlation, and we are here to help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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