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Manufacturing job safety tips

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2021 | Workplace Safety |

Factory workers in Minnesota can often count on workers’ compensation coverage to help them when they are injured or become ill for work-related reasons. This coverage may also protect employers from lawsuits when a worker encounters one of the following problems:

  • Traumatic injury
  • Injury caused by repetitive action
  • Mental injuries
  • Occupational disease

The best news is that workers who adhere to a few workplace safety tips increase their chances of never needing to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Learn the workplace

Many workers overlook the benefits of possessing complete knowledge of a factory. Workers and managers should familiarize themselves with what goes on in the workplace. Regular inspections to identify risk factors could also become a factor in keeping workers safe. Everyone in the plant should understand that the slightest of careless behaviors can result in tragic consequences.

Safety training

Manufacturing companies should make safety orientation a mandatory process for new hires. The instructor for these orientation classes should ensure that new workers understand safety procedures and responsibilities. Workers should provide a signature to acknowledge this understanding before they complete any work in the plant. Safety procedures will need updating as manufacturing processes change, so regular training is also necessary for veteran workers.

Identify common hazards

Hazards common to the manufacturing industry include electrical equipment, improper use of machine guards and the dangers of working close to industrialized trucks. Workers should also receive information regarding the risks they encounter with any toxic materials they must handle to complete their job duties.

Company culture

Companies that make safety protocol an essential part of their operations will create a company culture that promotes worker safety and prevents injuries that lead to workers’ compensation claims. Safety regulations become easier for workers to follow when they are a part of the regular routine. Managers and owners should maintain an open-door policy for workers with safety concerns.

Accidents in the workplace sometimes happen despite the most stringent safety regulations. When these accidents happen, an attorney may prove helpful throughout the workers’ compensation claims process.