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4 workplace dangers in a warehouse

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Without warehouses and warehouse workers, most of America wouldn’t have their shipments and much of the economy could come to a halt. In fact, there are likely two million people currently employed in a line of work that has them working in warehouses.

Yet, despite how many people are working in warehouses, they are often far from safe. Yearly, many workers are injured in warehouse accidents. If you work in a warehouse, then you should be aware of the following dangers:

#1. Unsafe or inexperienced forklift use

Typically, workers are required to have a license to run a forklift. Despite that, many workers are not only unlicensed but also inexperienced. A forklift run by a novice can easily lead to a severe workplace accident.

An accident from a forklift could lead to many injuries people suffer from in car accidents, such as whiplash and concussions. Additionally, because of the two prongs on the forklift, an accident could lead to dismemberment or a penetrating wound.

#2. Hazardous material exposure

Many of the materials warehouse workers handle contain hazardous materials. In most cases, workers are away when a shipment contains a liquid or substance that might cause harm. However, if these shipments are released, such as if it was mishandled, then employees could be exposed. Chemical exposure, whether inhaled or from direct skin contact, can lead to severe burns, poisoning and other illnesses.

#3. Incorrectly stacked shipments

Working in a warehouse and moving shipments isn’t like playing Tetris or Jenga. In many cases, an incorrectly stacked shipment could prove dangerous. If a shipment falls on someone then it could severely injure or crush them.

#4. Slip-and-fall accidents

Many warehouses are poorly cleaned since, most of the time, warehouses run around the clock. The warehouse floors may be covered in slick oils, leaked liquids or rain and snow. As a result, a worker may slip and fall, leading to their injuries.

As a result of a warehouse injury, however, many workers are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ comp ensures that employees have their medical bills and lost wages compensated for their workplace injuries.