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Avoiding workplace injuries through ergonomics

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2014 | Uncategorized |

Employers and workers in Minnesota might find a recent article discussing ways to avoid injury interesting. Employers lose billions of dollars annually on employees taking time off due to workplace injuries, but there are certain workplace injuries that are the most prevalent. These include bursitis, tendonitis, carpal-tunnel syndrome, headaches, neck pain and lower-back pain.

Both cumulative-trauma disorders and repetitive stress are the cause of a number of workplace injuries. They are the result of normal joints being placed under stress by issues like bad joint position while performing a task and by bad posture while working.

Poorly designed work stations are another cause of injuries, and when added to repetitive stress, they may limit productivity. Ergonomic principles can help by making it simpler for employees to perform the necessary activities related to their specific jobs productively and safely, cutting down on workplace injuries and the related costs to both employers and employees.

Basic ergonomics principles include using the largest muscles in a muscle group when lifting, which in turn places less stress on the more vulnerable muscles groups. Lifting with the legs and keeping a straight back can help avoid injury and strain when lifting something heavy off of the floor. Also, when employees are performing their work, they should have the ability to perform their duties in numerous positions. When anyone remains in one position, for long periods of time, their muscles could become fatigued and more prone to injury.

Even if employees and employers follow these hints, some work-related injuries are unavoidable. However, workers who have been harmed while on duty might consider filing for workers’ compensation benefits, which might cover the cost of medical care and treatment.

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