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Crane falls and injures operator on Minnesota wind farm

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2014 | Uncategorized |

A crane worth several million dollars reportedly tipped over on the morning of Aug. 8th and injured the 35-year-old worker operating it. Reports indicated that the man was not trapped in the crane when the accident occurred.

The crane was being used to repair a wind turbine that was part of a field owned by Next Era Energy south of Grand Meadow. Dawes Rigging and Crane Rental, a subcontractor on the site for Next Era Energy, owned and operated the crane. The injured worker was taken to Mayo Clinic in Rochester with injuries that were not considered life threatening. He was released shortly after being admitted.

The Mower County Sheriff said that Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigators still had the scene of the accident contained some days after the incident had occurred. A second crane will be brought in and used to remove the one that fell over.

An accident like this one may be caused by unsafe working conditions, poor equipment maintenance, improper preparation of the work site or unexpected natural forces. When workplace injuries happen, it is important to investigate them thoroughly. Although negligence does not have to be determined in order to claim workers’ compensation, evidence should be taken into account if an injured worker would like to consider a civil suit.

Recovery after a workplace injury can be a long and complicated process. A lawyer with experience in workers’ compensation cases may be able to help an injured employee receive compensation for lost wages or expenses from medical expenses.