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Minnesota hospital cited for unsafe environment

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A Minnesota hospital has received an official warning to increase its efforts at assuring safe conditions for everyone at the facility thanks to a recent investigation by the Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Administration . The citation issued by Minnesota OSHA states that workplace safety at the hospital is lacking, as evidenced by multiple accidents involving both patients and employees over the years.

Investigators reportedly visited the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter on Friday, Aug. 1, and shortly after its executive director issued a formal statement. In that statement, the director noted that the hospital has faced numerous problems with safety over the years, but that the inspection showed that great strides have been made to bring about improvements for everyone at the facility.

In spite of those improvements, the statement continued by noting that even more work is needed to ensure a safe and secure environment at the hospital, which is home to individuals committed to state care after being found to be mentally ill and/or dangerous. Actual details of the citations received by the hospital were not provided, but the hospital’s history includes allegations of administrative problems and patient neglect. The Minnesota OSHA citation may be released to the public once the state Department of Human Services has decided whether or not to dispute any of the findings.

In any workplace, it is up to the employer to make sure all employees have ready access to training needed to stay safe in addition to a secure environment. When an employer fails at this job, the employees are generally the ones left to suffer injuries and problems that go along with them, such as lost time, benefits, and wages. Anyone who is injured due to unsafe working conditions may wish to consult with a workers’ compensation attorney to determine whether coverage is available.

Source: St. Peter Herald, “Minnesota Security Hospital gets OSHA citation“, Jon Collins, August 20, 2014

Source: St. Peter Herald, “Minnesota Security Hospital gets OSHA citation“, Jon Collins, August 20, 2014