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Workplace injuries at the loading docks

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Employees in Minnesota may benefit from learning more about the workplace accidents that commonly occur at the loading docks. Jobs at these locations are often dangerous due to trucks frequenting the area and heavy materials being moved across the floor by machinery equipment. Workplace injuries often occur at the loading docks due to accidents involving trucks pulling out early and lifts falling over.

Sometimes semi drivers drive away from the dock early while the driver operating the lift is still transferring the goods into the trailer. Other times an injury can occur if the trailer creeps in one direction or another due to the weight of the lift truck moving in and out of the trailer. Dock accidents may also occur if the landing gear collapses and causes the trailer to tip.

Some forklift operators may suffer a spine injury or long-term pain from the repetitive vibrations from working with the lift truck and trailer. One of the most effective ways to avoid these workplace accidents from occurring may be to implement a safety strategy for the docks and the loading zone. Some of the critical factors employers may need to consider include building a smoother transition onto the trailer bed, protecting the open docks, restraining trailers and ensuring that forklift operators and semi drivers remain aware of the restraints’ status.

Employees at loading docks who suffer workplace accidents may benefit from contacting legal counsel. Lawyers may be able to help injured workers determine if a third party should be held liable for the resulting damages as well as assisting in filing a claim for workers’ compensation if the injured party is eligible.

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