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October 2015 Archives

The risk of combustible dust in metal processing

Metal processing workers in Minnesota should be aware of the potential for workplace explosions from combustible dust. In certain conditions, the materials that compose the dust in a metal processing plant could energetically react, causing fires and dust explosions. Combustible dust can be extremely unpredictable since dust can sit dormant for years before it explodes.

Improving lockout practices for Minnesota workers

Minnesota employers invest a significant amount of time in improving workplace safety, but some programs fail to prevent injury even with basic lockout equipment. Proper management is essential when it comes to ensuring safe lockout procedures. Engagement is one of the most crucial elements of any lockout program, and it begins with assigning a go-to person for one or several machines. This go-to person is responsible for observing and providing guidance for employees who are unfamiliar with a machine.

New surgery can restore some hand function to paralyzed patients

A revolutionary surgical technique devised by researchers at Washington University in St. Louis could restore some hand and arm movement to paralyzed patients in Minnesota and around the world. A new study assessing the outcomes of the technique was published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Preliminary data on most dangerous jobs in 2014 released

While many different jobs present hazards to Minnesota workers, there are certain occupations that are much more dangerous than others. In the most dangerous jobs, it is important not only for employers to take steps to minimize the risks, it is also important for workers to be especially vigilant.