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Injured truck driver sues Swift Transportation

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2016 | Workplace Safety |

Minnesota residents may have read about a recent report regarding a second lawsuit filed against Swift Transportation. In the lawsuit, a former female driver claims that the company is to blame for the permanent injuries she suffered while working for the company.

The woman says she was severely injured in November 2012 as she was operating the truck’s landing gear crank in an effort to elevate the height of the trailer. As she was using the crank, she alleges that her hands were severely struck when the crank suddenly malfunctioned and reversed. Because of the incident, the woman said she has been unable to work since it occurred. She is requesting that the company pay for her income losses and medical costs as a result of its negligent maintenance practices.

The worker further stated in her claim that Swift neglected its duty to accurately inspect and maintain the trailer’s equipment and landing gear while it was being loaded at the shipper’s facility. She also contends the company was negligent because it did not give her any safe instructions at the time she reported the trailer’s mechanical problems to the dispatcher.

In the first lawsuit against Swift, a jury awarded the plaintiff $2.6 million in damages in August 2015. The man claimed that his foot was severely injured because of the company’s negligent maintenance practices.

On-the-job injuries can occur in many different types of occupations and to any worker. Most employers are obligated to carry workers’ compensation coverage in order to provide certain benefits to injured workers. When the injury is attributable to an employer’s negligence, however, an attorney may in some cases suggest the filing of a lawsuit against the employer in lieu of seeking workers’ compensation benefits.

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