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Get to know Minnesota’s workers’ comp laws

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

The workers’ compensation program provides payments for Minnesota employees who become injured on the job. Following the correct procedure ensures that the worker remains eligible for the program and receives prompt benefits.

These are the answers to the most common questions about workers’ comp in Minnesota:

How can I claim workers’ comp benefits?

Seeking medical attention for a work injury should be your priority. You must tell the provider that the injury happened on the job so he or she can fill out the Report of Work Ability form. This document details any physical limitations you have because of the injury.

Then, notify your employer about the injury as soon as possible. The company must submit a First Report of Injury Form to the state Department of Labor and Industry and the insurance company holding their workers’ compensation policy.

Next, the insurer will notify you about the status of your claim. This letter will include the contact information for the insurance adjuster, your claim number, your average weekly wage calculation and your compensation amount, if approved. For a denial, the letter details the reasons supporting this decision.

What types of benefits are available?

If you can no longer work because of your injury, you may receive temporary and/or permanent benefits for either partial or total disability. The amount you will receive can be up to $1,077, depending on your weekly wages, and this maximum limit increases by an average of 2.58% each year.

Regardless of whether you miss work for the injury, you may be eligible for medical benefits and vocational rehabilitation. Your employer’s policy must cover all reasonable and necessary medical treatments, including surgical treatment, hospital stays and mental health care.

The vocational rehabilitation program funds education and training if you struggle to perform your old job after the injury. You can request this benefit in writing from your employer’s insurance company within 208 weeks of the date you begin receiving workers’ compensation payments.