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Do you know the dangers of Minnesota farm work?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2020 | Workplace Injuries |

If you are a hard-working type, farm work may seem like a great option. There are not many jobs available in Minnesota at the moment, especially if you don’t have papers or do not speak the language.

While it is easy to get work on a farm, the work itself can be hard and low paid. You work long hours in all weathers doing repetitive, monotonous work with big machinery. This combination can make it downright dangerous.

Many types of accidents can occur to agricultural workers. These are the most common accidents that have happened to people working on Minnesota farms:

  • Tractor-related injuries: Tractors can roll over and pin you.


  • Driving agricultural vehicles on the road: You need to watch out for other road users.


  • Grain bin deaths: Cleaning and emptying are particularly dangerous.


  • ATV: It is easy to roll an ATV.


  • Livestock: Animals can crush, trample or horn you.


  • Tangled up in machinery: Farms are full of moving parts.


  • Various other causes: You could drown, be electrocuted or gassed, be crushed by a tree, fall from a height, and much more.


If you lose a spouse due to a fatal agricultural accident, on a Minnesota farm, you are going to be suffering emotionally and financially. Not only do you lose a member of your family, but you now have to worry about how you will feed your kids. You need legal help to ensure you get the medical care and compensation you are entitled to.