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Does cold weather put workers at risk?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2021 | Work Injuries |

Minnesota might not always provide the ideal conditions for workers. The state experiences cold and brutal winters at times, which may contribute to risks. Sometimes, cold weather conditions lead to accidents and injuries. Unfortunately, not every worker realizes how dangerous and potentially injurious cold weather is.

The cold makes things difficult for workers

Often, people assume the cold-weather work injuries involve slip-and-fall accidents on ice and snow. And yes, such incidents frequently play out. Falls are not the only examples of harm that might affect workers, though. The “mere” exposure to cold could lead to troubling consequences.

Workers required to spend time outdoors in frigid weather may face risks. Repair crews, safety officers, snow removal experts, and others could find themselves dealing with freezing conditions. The human body might only take so much when exposed to cold. Hypothermia and frostbite reflect two examples of possible disastrous outcomes.

Cold weather may constrict blood vessels and force the heart to work harder, increasing a cardiac incident’s chances. Persons surviving a heart attack may find themselves unable to return to work for an extended time.

Workplace safety and troubles with the cold

Improving safety and cold-weather could involve a variety of steps, and wearing the appropriate clothing might help tremendously. In some work areas, portable heaters could warm up a work area to a more comfortable level.

If someone falls ills or suffers an incident on the job, seeking medical attention right away might be necessary. A medical examination could reveal how serious things are.

Anytime someone is hurt on the job, questions may arise about workers’ compensation. Did the weather compromise workplace safety? Thankfully, Minnesota remains a no-fault workers’ compensation state. A worker may have a valid claim whether negligence, weather, or other factors contributed to the injury.