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What are some common warehouse accidents?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2021 | Workplace Accidents |

Warehouses located throughout Minnesota provide full and part-time employment for many workers. Warehouse careers cover a wide range of skills and abilities, with some jobs coming with more significant risks for injuries. Avoiding an injury in the workplace comes with challenges, however, and being aware of common warehouse dangers might lead some to take more precautions.

Accidents that may prove difficult to avoid

Among the most frequent injuries in a warehouse or any work environment are those coming from slips, trips, and falls. People could stumble in a crowded work environment, even tripping after bumping into an employee or falling over boxes. Cables plugged into an outlet may lead to trips, as might many other objects or hazards. Employers could take steps to keep work areas free of troubles, but even swift action may not be enough. Workers benefit from trying to be as alert to danger as possible.

Forklifts remain a common sight in warehouses, and they could bring some risks. Forklifts could run into someone or drop cargo onto a worker unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity. Forklifts may even present risks to their operators. Mechanical issues with the machinery might lead to unpredictable results.

Never knowing what could happen at a warehouse

The dynamic nature of the warehouse creates the potential for injuries. Objects falling from great heights may lead to serious harm. Exposure to chemical or electrical hazards and open flames could incapacitate someone.

Wearing the appropriate safety equipment and following posted guidance might help. That said, preventing injuries isn’t always possible. Thankfully, Minnesota remains a “no-fault” workers’ compensation state eliminating the need to prove negligence when filing a claim.

Filing for workers’ compensation benefits after workplace accidents might come with unexpected hurdles. Discussing the claim with an attorney could help deal with the problems.