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How does workers’ compensation disability pay function?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Most workers injured while on the clock or diagnosed with a job-related health issue may file a claim for workers’ compensation. Under Minnesota law, eligible employees in a host of different professions can receive benefits to minimize the economic consequences of their work-related health concerns in this way.

Many workers primarily require the medical benefits available through workers’ compensation, which pays for the full cost of someone’s treatment. Some others may need a leave of absence from work to undergo treatment or to allow their bodies an opportunity to heal. They can potentially seek disability benefits.

There are multiple forms of disability benefits

The extent of someone’s medical limitations and the duration of their leave from work will determine what type of disability benefits they receive. There are temporary total disability benefits for those who cannot work at all until they receive treatment. There are also temporary partial disability benefits for those who have to move into a lower-paid position because of the functional limitations imposed by their condition. If people will have career-long consequences, they may qualify for permanent disability benefits. Permanent partial disability benefits will cover the difference between someone’s prior earning potential and their current wages. Permanent total disability benefits are only an option for those who cannot work any job because of their conditions.

There are rules about the amount

The law allows for an annual adjustment of those benefits. Workers can receive up to two-thirds of their average weekly income, so long as it doesn’t surpass the maximum benefit amount. Every October, Minnesota’s Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council will adjust the maximum benefit amount to reflect 102% of the average weekly wage in the state the prior year. Workers need to make sure that they seek the right kind of disability benefits and may need to engage in financial planning if they will experience a lengthy reduction in income related to their recovery from their condition. Especially when someone requires permanent benefits, the application process can prove challenging.

Making sense of the rules that apply to Minnesota workers’ compensation and getting appropriate legal support to secure rightful benefits can make a big difference for those struggling with a medical issue that affects their ability to work.