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A Trusted, Local Firm For Injured City And State Workers

Anyone can get hurt on the job, including workers employed by the state of Minnesota, counties and cities. State workers’ compensation laws are clear that employees can receive wage replacement and medical treatment when an injury occurs.

At Noack Law Office, we have been representing injured workers in Minnesota for more than 35 years. We regularly advise and help city workers, employees of counties like Hennepin County and Ramsey County, and employees of many state agencies.

Protecting The Rights Of Government And Municipal Employees

If you or a loved one was injured on the job, our lawyers can make sure you receive proper medical care and maximum wage replacement benefits. We understand how insurance companies work to deny legitimate workers’ comp claims, and we work even harder to win cases. Our extensive experience includes cases involving:

  • Maintenance and construction workers
  • Plumbers, painters and tradespeople
  • Heavy equipment operators and truck drivers
  • Law enforcement personnel and firefighters
  • School workers
  • All types of injuries, from back problems to carpal tunnel syndrome

Every case is different. We will be happy to evaluate your case.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation

We are Minnesota attorneys serving injured city and state workers. We offer a free initial consultation to all potential clients. Our firm charges no legal fees until you receive benefits.

Please call 952-467-8481 or contact us online for help with your case. We represent clients throughout the state of Minnesota, including the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities area.

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