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Recovering Benefits After A Head Or Brain Injury

The brain is an incredibly complex and delicate part of the body; it is housed by a skull and soft tissue that can be damaged in a variety of ways. When the brain is healthy, it is capable of great feats; when it is injured, many physiological and emotional problems can result that affect every part of the victim’s life.

Our firm helps employees and their families in workers’ comp cases involving head and brain injury. If you or a loved one experienced a head injury on the job, talk to the Minnesota head and brain injury attorneys at Noack Law Office.

Head Trauma, Brain Injury And Problems With Mood And Cognition

Our lawyers have been representing injured workers in serious head injury cases for more than 35 years. We can help you if your case involves:

  • Depression that appears to be the result of a head injury
  • A diagnosis of post-concussion syndrome or concern about concussion
  • Mood swings or mood changes that interfere with relationships and normal functioning
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI) related to a fall, a motor vehicle accident or another serious accident

Head injuries can be serious, even when an injury is not visible. It is essential to obtain proper medical treatment if you suspect head trauma occurred, and our firm can help you get that treatment.

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