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Defending Office Workers’ Rights To Obtain Injury Benefits

You don’t have to work on a construction site or in a factory to be injured on the job. Many Minnesota office workers are hurt at work each year. Many of these workers become injured by performing repetitive movements that put too much strain on body parts.

Office professionals, such as administrative assistants, office managers and receptionists, who are hurt on the job have the right to medical benefits and wage benefits through workers’ compensation just like other workers.

At Noack Law Office, our lawyers represent injured office workers throughout Minnesota who are struggling in the wake of repetitive stress injuries, accidents and other work-related problems. We can help you if you or a loved one has experienced:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome, diagnosed or undiagnosed
  • Tendinitis or another hand, wrist, finger or arm problem related to typing or other repetitive movements
  • A back, neck or shoulder problem in connection with lifting or moving objects

Sometimes, employers and insurance companies will discount or minimize the claims of office workers, who may not show outward signs of an injury. Our firm is ready and able to fight to get you the medical treatment and wage benefits you deserve.

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