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A Proven Advocate For Injured Meatpacking Workers

For people who have never been inside a meatpacking plant, it can be difficult to imagine what happens inside. Although many people may be okay without knowing the intimate details about how animals are slaughtered and packaged, it’s critical knowledge for a Minnesota attorney who is representing injured meatpacking workers.

At Noack Law Office, we have an insider’s understanding of what happens in meatpacking plants. Our family members worked there, and we routinely visit the plants where our clients were injured. We don’t have to imagine how our clients were injured. We’ve seen the working conditions for ourselves, and we’ve represented workers from many of the major meatpacking plants in Minnesota, including:

  • JBS in Worthington
  • Quality Pork
  • Hormel
  • Jennie-O in Willmar and Sauk Centre

The Working Conditions In A Meatpacking Plant

Anyone who has walked through a meatpacking plant knows how slippery the floors are. Even with meticulous cleaning procedures, the best plants would still have slippery floors. Unfortunately, many plants do not have meticulous cleaning processes, and workers know they could easily fall with one missed step.

We handle the full gamut of injuries suffered in meatpacking plants, including:

Minneapolis Lawyer Fighting For Injured Factory Workers

If you were injured in a meatpacking plant, it’s important to contact an attorney who can help protect your right to compensation. Although many people think their jobs will be in jeopardy if their employers learn they are working with attorneys, the opposite is typically true. Working with a lawyer can help ensure your employer doesn’t retaliate when you file a claim.

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