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At fault for your own work injury? You can still get workers’ comp

Many people in Minnesota are familiar with the concept of no-fault insurance because of the state’s car insurance laws; what they may not realize is that a similar concept also applies to them if they are injured at work. Thus, if you have been injured at work in Minnesota, chances are good that you are entitled to receive benefits through the workers’ compensation system even if it was your own mistake or error that led to the injury.

What does no fault mean?

The civil legal system provides a way for people to recover financial compensation when someone they are harmed by someone else’s actions. Normally, outside of a no-fault system, this process requires the person seeking compensation to prove that the other party was at fault for causing the injuries.

Under most circumstances – outside of a no-fault system – it would be necessary for you to file a lawsuit and prove that another party is at fault in order to receive compensation for an injury. Meanwhile, the other party would most likely try to avoid or minimize its own liability by presenting evidence to the contrary.

This legal back-and-forth often leads to ongoing court battles, which are both time consuming and expensive for everyone involved. They can also cause long delays for injured people who are in need of medical care. Workers’ compensation and other no-fault systems were created to streamline the process for certain types of claims that occur relatively often, such as work-related injuries and car accidents. These systems were designed to reduce the need for litigation, thereby saving time and money and allowing injured parties to receive benefits more quickly.

How does this affect your claim?

Because Minnesota uses a no-fault workers’ compensation system, you can receive medical and financial benefits without having to prove that your employer caused your injuries. In fact, with certain limited exceptions including intentional injury, you can receive benefits even if you were hurt as a result of your own mistake or error in judgment. Depending on the individual circumstances of your case, you may be eligible for a range of benefits including:

  • Lost income
  • Medical costs
  • Rehabilitation
  • Disability

Although proving fault is often unnecessary in workers’ compensation cases, there are other reasons why it is still important to get help from an experienced attorney when seeking compensation for a work-related injury or illness.

An attorney with a background in this complex area of the law can see to it that all of the necessary forms and paperwork are filled out correctly and on time. A workers’ compensation lawyer will also work hard to maximize your compensation amount by advocating on your behalf and helping you to accurately document the full extent of your injuries and related losses. He or she can also help you determine whether you may be entitled to additional compensation based on the specific circumstances involved in your injury, such as reckless or illegal conduct by your employer.

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