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January 2015 Archives

Safety around large machines in the workplace

Workers in Minnesota who work around large machines must be aware of safety procedures. These types of machines increase workplace efficiency, but they may also introduce hazards. A part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has two test laboratories where it conducts various forms of research with the aim of increasingly workplace safety. Depending on the type of research being done at any given time, both of these laboratories have equipment that simulates the machines and conditions in workplaces from truck cabs to industrial factory floors.

Strategic visions for workplace safety

Minnesota workers may be interested in some information on how failing to have an overall strategy can affect workplace safety. Due to high turnover, this lack of strategic vision can lead to more accidents. Many workplaces that have remained accident-free may be in danger of future workplace accidents through complacency. Rather than waiting for an accident to happen in order to review workplace safety policies, experts recommend that companies take a look at their existing program sooner than later.

OSHA warns about laser injuries in the workplace

Some Minnesota workers may be affected by efforts by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to increase safety around lasers in the workplace. On Jan. 5, the agency stated that lasers were dangerous to workers in the medical and construction industries. Workers in the industrial and research industries may also be at risk.

Injuries are only part of injured firefighter's ills

Minnesota workers who suffer financially due to medical bills deriving from workplace accidents are entitled under state statutes to receive workers' compensation benefits for their damages. Yet, as a recently reported case involving a volunteer Melrose firefighter might demonstrate, the totality of damages potentially suffered in a workplace accident can reduce workers' intellectual faculties and overall disposition so much that they are left in poor standing to successfully pursue a claim for workers' compensation coverage.