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Keep yourself safe from these common construction site injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2021 | Workplace Injuries |

Because you’re working with dangerous equipment in construction, you should always follow safety protocols and know how to avoid hazards. Construction-related injuries can be serious and devastating. If your employer is liable, you may be able to receive workers’ comp in Minnesota. Common construction site injuries to watch out for are impact injuries, tool-related injuries, falls and electrocution.

Impact injuries

When the driver of a construction vehicle makes a mistake, the vehicle could suddenly lurch forward enough to hit a nearby worker. Construction vehicles could also crush you between another object, resulting in serious injuries. Don’t operate the vehicle when you feel drowsy, and stay focused on safe operation whenever you’re in control to avoid hitting or running over someone.

Tool-related injuries

You could accidentally cut off your finger or another limb when you become distracted while using tools on a construction site. Never turn your eyes away when you’re using tools. Safely set them aside before you look away to talk to someone. Also, avoid distracting a coworker while they are using tools so that they don’t accidentally injure themselves.


Stay vigilant when you’re working high up in the air to reduce your chance of falling. Because of the possibility of having to work high up in the air, construction work isn’t advisable for people who get dizzy easily or have a fear of heights. When your doctor prescribes you a medication, check for dizziness as a side effect. It would be best for you to avoid working while elevated in the air until you’re no longer on the medication.


Although construction is different from electrical work, electrocution workplace accidents are still a possibility. You will come across electrocution hazards on a construction site, such as exposed wires, live wires, substandard equipment and substandard tools, so be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Stay aware of the latest safety guidelines, and never allow your employer to make you do something you know is dangerous. You may want to consult with a lawyer if you need help in protecting yourself on the job or filing a claim after an injury.