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Helping You Get Medical Treatment From Your Doctor Of Choice

If you were hurt as a result of the work you do, you need proper medical treatment. You are entitled to it by law. Choosing a doctor and getting medical treatment can be one of the most difficult part of workers’ comp, in part because employers and their insurance companies usually want you to use their doctor, and partly because medical issues can be very confusing — and very expensive. It is illegal for your employer to force or pressure you to see a certain doctor.

We Will Protect Your Legal Right To Select Your Own Doctor

As an injured employee, you have the right to see any doctor of your choosing at any time — without interference from your employer or your employer’s insurance company. At Noack Law Office, we can help you make sure your legal rights are protected — and make sure your medical needs are met in a proper and timely manner.

What About QRCs?

If you have been assigned a qualified rehabilitation consultant (QRC), it is important to understand who the QRC is working for: the insurance company. However nice the QRC may seem to be, you need to be under the care of a qualified physician. You need to be wary of QRCs, who are used by claims adjusters to keep the insurance company’s costs down.

If you have questions about QRCs or any other aspect of workers’ comp medical benefits, our lawyers and staff can help you make sense of the medical benefits process.

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