We Will Do The Worrying — And The Fighting — For You

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Fighting On Your Behalf After Your Claim Is Denied

Many people think that once they receive answers about their workers’ compensation claims, that it is the final answer. Thankfully, that’s not true. In fact, many people’s initial claims are denied. If that happened to you, it’s important to know that you may still be able to receive benefits. Many people who contact our firm — Noack Law Office — have had their initial claims denied, but our experienced attorneys are able to help individuals throughout Minnesota appeal those claims to receive the benefits they deserve.

Our lawyers have more than 80 years of combined experience, and we can help ensure you receive the benefits you deserve — even if your claim has already been denied. Contact us promptly to receive the benefits you deserve.

The Insurance Company Said My Case Was Closed

One of the most common things we hear is that people think their cases are closed because that is what the insurance company said. That doesn’t matter to us. The insurance company may have closed your file, but once you begin working with our team, your file will get reopened.

We know this can be an emotional and stressful process, especially if you’ve already been told your claim was closed. However, insurance companies bank on the fact that you will give up, and it’s important that you don’t. Contact us as soon as possible. Let us be your advocate and fight on your behalf. We can help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Contact An Experienced Minneapolis Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you are interested in learning more about the compensation you are be entitled after getting injured at work, contact our firm to schedule your free initial consultation. You may be entitled to benefits that you’re not aware of and are not currently receiving. We travel throughout Minnesota to meet our clients in their homes or at the hospitals, and we can educate them about what to expect at every step of the process.

We can be reached online or by calling 952-467-8481.

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